Mission & Vision


Our mission is to fulfill the needs and expectations by delivering reliable, world-class yet affordable products consistently to our customers.

  • Maintain an optimum level of quality standards.
  • Increasing value to customers.
  • Focusing on customer preferences.


Our goal is to go beyond the expectation of our customers by providing them, products of outstanding quality and greater value.

To become one of the key elements of each of our customer’s reasons for success by offering them a combination of high quality and cost-effective outsourcing services which are unmatched globally.

Thus providing them a clear competitive advantage, to extend presence in the international market through innovative technology and make the “ PAK STAR PITCH CLAY ” a symbol of quality in the World.

Wicket Soil

Pak​​ Star ​​Pitch​ ​Clay ​​is ​​one​ ​and​​ only​ ​company​​ in ​​Pakistan​ ​supplying ​​​​Wicket ​ ​soil ​​to pakistan​ ​cricket ​​board ​​and ​​all ​​other ​​local ​​cricket​ ​grounds and internationally.Our Wicket-Soil most outstanding quality because its turf wicket is favorable for both Pacers Bowler and Spinners Bowler.

Dhaka Grass

Dhaka Grass is special grass for cricket ground/football ground. The Specification of Dhaka Grass that is mostly used in those countries where the weather is very warm. In Pakistan, fine Dhaka Grass is used for both outfield and pitches because its roots get stronger in very little time and its recovery time after cutting is better than other grass types. Pak Star Pitch clay using this grass for a long time due to its qualities we prefer this grass. Fine Dhaka Grass does not affect heavy roll and warm weather. The growth of this grass is better in hot weather. It consumes less water than other types of grass. Pak Star excels at providing all special types of grass.

Customer Satisfaction

Pak Star Pitch Clay” is a famous Company in Pakistan that provides the best quality Wicket Soil and Dhaka Grass with the international facility. Our goal is to go beyond the expectation of our customers by providing them products of outstanding quality and greater value.